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…Research shows that 86-98% of children’s vocabulary is learned from their parents.

Discover this one little trick parents are doing to help their kids read at a young age.

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In this free training provided by Reading Head Start, you will find many techniques and practices that will help your child learn how to read at a young age. Reading Head Start has one the best research  trainings and it also has a high success rate from parents who have already tried using it on their kids. Inside these trainings you will find different techniques such as: 

  • Reading at least 15 minutes a day and build a designated library.
  • Storytelling helps your child get familiar with sound and words. This skill also helps with imagination and encourages curiosity which helps with a child's brain development. 
  • Writing the sounds that kids hear when storytelling or singing is great practice for them to develop their reading skills.
  • Singing is a fun and interactive way for a child to learn how to read. By singing alone with the lyrics your child will have fun developing their reading skills.  

And Much More! 

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Reading Head Start.

Reading Head Start is an online reading program that trains parents on how to teach their children to read. Being one of the best reading programs online with recommendations from teachers and parents, Reading Head Start is sure to be the most effective and most kid-loved program there is. Get access to the free training video provided today.

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